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Cremation Code Of Ethics

We at Brown's Funeral Home take our responsibility of caring for those who have passed very seriously and therefore hold ourselves to a high code of ethics in how we operate our mortuary with regards to cremation. We believe:

  • In dignity and respect in the care of the deceased, as we compassionately care for the living who survive them as we explore ways to memorialize the life of their loved one.

  • That as a provider of services, that include cremation, we must create and maintain an atmosphere of respect and compassion at all times;

  • That memorization options be presented to all families that choose cremation, as well as to those who choose burial.

  • And that those who have passed away should be memorialized in a way that is meaningful to the survivors challenging us to find the method that meets the unique requirements of each family that we serve.

We think this Code of Ethics will help you and your family during your time of loss. As a family-owned operation and serving our community since 2009, we bring a high level of care and compassion to our work.

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